Lost in Harlem – New York City

Frozen Yoghurt bei Minusgraden und einen Ausflug ins Sneaker-Wunderland in der 125. Straße sind nur zwei der Dinge, die man an einem späten Abflugtag im winterlichen New York machen kann. Der Frozen Yoghurt war zugegebenermaßen eine dämliche Idee, was man statt dessen machen kann erfahrt Ihr im dritten und letzten Akt meiner New York Touristen-Odyssee. 

June statistics

  If life gives you 8 kg of strawberries… make jam from it! It’s as easy as it gets! A bit of strawberry picking, some traveling, running of course and another month has passed. Just 2,5 more weeks and I’ll be rambling through the busy streets of Bangkok! But one step after the other– here […]

Nice to meet you, Barcelona!

Working a full-time job, 30 days of vacation max. and the weekends of course on which you’re usually too exhausted to do something. There doesn’t seem to be too much time left for traveling. But sometimes you have the opportunity to visit a nice conference. And sometimes this conference happens to be in Barcelona. Let’s […]