The last Day in Iceland

The last day of our journey we spent on the Reykjanes peninsula and visited the geothermal fields of Krýsuvík one more time. But this time it wasn’t raining cats and dogs and we had a great view over Kleifarvatn and the sea. During our stay in Iceland we slowly got used to the pungent smell […]

New training plan – 10 k

Now it’s time to think big! After my half marathon and a week of easy workouts (squash, dancing, yoga) I start with a new training plan. My next aim is to run 10k in about 50-55 minutes. It will be a tough one because there will be more and more tempo runs next to my beloved […]

Day 7 – Welcome to the capital: Reykjavik!

Since I survived my half marathon on Sunday and my new training plan doesn’t start before next week, I use the time to update my Iceland travel diary. The last two days of our trip we spent in and around Reykjavik and started Day 7 with a walk on the northern bay. Besides Sólfar, an artistic viking boat, we visited […]

My first Half Marathon!

So Felix Baumgartner hit several world records with his space dive on Sunday. But here’s something more exciting (at least for me!): I successfully finished my first half marathon in Offenbach on Sunday! And I didn’t collapse, I’m still alive! Here’s a little km report: (the race had a turning point at 10.5 km) km 0: […]

Half marathon outfit!

At this time tomorrow I will have finished my first half marathon! It’s hard to believe right now but this is the point of no return. I’m still not sure if I made the right choice of clothes but I liked running in them last autumn so they shouldn’t be too wrong for this occasion. […]

Hello rain again! – Iceland Diary 6

So this was pretty much the motto for Day 6: hello rain again! Those brave horsemen tried to defy the weather conditions in their fancy orange suits but either way I bet they got just as wet as we got later this day … From Selfoss we drove to the Reykjanes peninsula and made a […]