My first Half Marathon!

So Felix Baumgartner hit several world records with his space dive on Sunday. But here’s something more exciting (at least for me!): I successfully finished my first half marathon in Offenbach on Sunday! And I didn’t collapse, I’m still alive! Here’s a little km report: (the race had a turning point at 10.5 km) km 0: […]

Half marathon outfit!

At this time tomorrow I will have finished my first half marathon! It’s hard to believe right now but this is the point of no return. I’m still not sure if I made the right choice of clothes but I liked running in them last autumn so they shouldn’t be too wrong for this occasion. […]

2 weeks left until the half marathon

Here we go – 2 more weeks left until I will run my first half marathon. Am I excited? Oh, yes, I am! And a bit insecure because the furthest distance I ran was my 15 km at the weekend and I won’t be running further the next 2 weeks according to my plan. In […]

3 more weeks to prepare for the half marathon

I had a great weekend with an amazing dinner at Jasmin’s place and a apple harvest. I helped picking and now I have 6 kg of apples waiting in my kitchen to be consumed. So I made some apple crumble tonight. Any other great ideas to prepare the remaining 5.5 kg? The more I run the […]

27 days until my first half marathon

My vacation messed my previous training achievements up a bit, so my calves feel a little sore after the 10k run and 30-minute-bike yesterday. I hope they get better soon because this week a 10k, a 12k and a company run wait for me. As you might have noticed I won’t be running the Munich […]

hm prep week 8 or where did all the corn go?

Before I start bombarding you with loads of Iceland pictures I want to keep you up-to-date with my half marathon prep for this week. Today I ran through the fields and wondered where my lovely, shady corn went.