June statistics

  If life gives you 8 kg of strawberries… make jam from it! It’s as easy as it gets! A bit of strawberry picking, some traveling, running of course and another month has passed. Just 2,5 more weeks and I’ll be rambling through the busy streets of Bangkok! But one step after the other– here […]


Die zweite Köln-Format Hashtag-Hunt hat begonnen! Gerade von dem letzten Roadtrip zurück gekehrt, passt das neue Motto perfekt: Es geht um Roadtripping! Dafür habe ich meine letzten 5 großen Roadtrips von 2012 und 2013 für Euch in kurzen Statistiken zusammengefasst. 

May statistics

So many public holidays, so much rain and again so much has happened. This month the most important thing for me was getting healthy again. A bit strength training and a short but sunny roadtrip helped a lot. In addition to my workout statistics I introduce the categories TRAVEL & PLAY in which from now […]