The perfect run – a matter of motivation


You can find a lot of reasons not to run. It’s always too cold or too hot, you don’t feel particularly well, there’s no time or even better things to do. We all know these reasons and they all keep us from the perfect run.

This is what I had to experience in April. It hit me without warning and I was completely unprepared when my motivation suddenly had gone astray. During the last months I ran through snow and rain and mud and nothing could have kept me from my running routine. But all of a sudden I found extraordinary good excuses not to leave the house for a run and the best reasons why I should get back in immediately although I already stood outside the door in my complete running outfit.

What had happened?


I thought about what had changed since my motivation has gone and it took me some time to define the malefactors. This is what I found out:

1. Weather
It’s spring and of course the weather has changed (not necessarily to a good condition in my region right now). But it got warmer and my mind and/or body simply couldn’t handle the fact that a t-shirt might be the right choice for a run. So several times I ended up running in way too warm clothes.
Easy solution: always dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer!

2. Spotify
I quit my spotify account. Well, I thought I wouldn’t need it. Until I realized how bored I was from all the music I’ve listened to over the last years. Even my favourite motivational songs wouldn’t do it anymore.
Easy solution: get spotify (back) and find some new motivational music, also search for running playlists.

3. Health
After the third week of always feeling too tired to run (and feeling tired all in all) I thought about turning to a doctor and making a blood test. Most of the time it’s nothing serious (thank God!) but you should always listen to your body and give yourself some time to rest when you need it.


Those times will come and go. I found out analyzing my state of mind was one good thing to do. But the best I could do was simply run. So next time you find yourself in a runner’s low, stop overthinking and get back on track.


Keep on running!

4 thoughts on “The perfect run – a matter of motivation

  1. I live in the city so I don’t get to run in a beautiful green area but I do have a treadmill that I happen to make excuses not to use everyday. >o<

    • I think it’s definitively harder to run on the treadmill than outside – I would make excuses all the time, too ;) Though I also live in the city there are some parks and forests around here where I go running. Maybe you can also find some green areas around your home?

  2. It’s hard for me to run all the time, maybe because of the monotonousness?
    What makes me keep running is that sometimes I daydreams while I’m running… Can you share what you feel when running?

    • for me music is the best motivation for running! you could also try a thrilling audiobook: don’t allow yourself to listen to it when you don’t run, so you have to run to find out how it continues ;)
      usually I think about upcoming projects or activities I’m looking forward to, or plan my next trip in my head. there’s a lot to think about :)

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