Hamburg in two days – Day One


If you’ve ever been to Hamburg you know you will come back some day. There’s something special about that city that makes me feel at home but having itchy feet at the same time. Today I want to share with you some special places that I’ve been to on my last two day trip.


Saturday – 10 am

We started the day at the Fabrik ( ) where the weekly market (every Saturday, 9:30-14:30) took place. We wandered around and tested and tasted a lot of great local products. This is where I became a huge fan of Kates Popcorn– I really loved the white chocolate/coconut and the honey-chili flavoured popcorn!
You can buy whatever you like for breakfast or brunch or lunch (we had a sweet and a savoury tarte, homemade pasta (soooo good!) and cupcakes), take a comfy seat upstairs where you can get in touch with other visitors and enjoy the view on the booths.


1 pm
Hamburger Hafen

No Hamburg trip without visiting Hamburger Hafen! We went through Alter Elbtunnel to get on the other side of the river and had a warming drink in the cold outside. It was very impressing to see the sheets of ice floating on the water but I also absolutely recommend the view in summer!


3 pm

If you get off at Feldbergstraße on a Saturday you will easily find Flohschanze rag fair in front of the old slaugtherhouse. From 8am until 4pm you can discover beautiful ancient furniture, old LPs and a lot of hotchpotch. If you wonder what’s the huge grey bunker on the other side of the street– check the internet or local papers for Übel und Gefährlich. There might be a nice concert tonight!

Follow Beckstraße and have a snack at the oriental restaurant Azeitona. Get some cauliflower dipping sauce and the halloumi sandwich, they are excellent!

After a short walk you reach the popular Schanzenviertel. Take your time and check out all the tiny shops you’ll find there. I was surprised that I found a MAC store when I went through the streets- times might have changed a bit but there’s still this special Hamburg feeling. When you visit Schanzenviertel in summer you have to grab a basil ice cream cone from Herr Max!
And if you still have some time left check out the nearby Karoviertel (unfortunately I didn’t make it this time), another very characteristic part of the city with even more tiny fashion and design shops.


8 pm

Hamburg has heaps of great restaurants. We had a very good pizza at Rocco’s but wherever you decide to go for dinner on a Saturday night i recommend you to book a table.
Later of course we took a walk over the famous Reeperbahn, the red light district of Hamburg. If you’re brave like me you can sing karaoke at Thai-Oase. And you really have to try Mexikaner in one of the bars at Hans-Albers-Platz. It’s a Hamburg speciality, a very short and hot bloody mary.

I always stay with friends when I’m in town but if you’re looking for a nice ho(s)tel check out Superbude. I always wanted to stay there because the rooms look super awesome :)

This is it for the first day! I hope you enjoyed the little city tour and got some inspiration for your next trip!

2 thoughts on “Hamburg in two days – Day One

    • Ja, ich hatte die Eis-Überreste in Deinem Beitrag noch gesehen! So vereist war der Hafen schon ein schicker Anblick! Ich kann Hamburg im Sommer dennoch aber auch sehr empfehlen ;)

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