The winter run – a musical approach in 10 steps


We all know – winter doesn’t always come with the perfect sunny, cold but dry, snowy but nice weather days. Most of the time it’s grey, dark, muddy and wet and cold. Here’s an auditive try to make you feel more comfortable with those winter runs.

This is what my runs look like these days.

When you don’t want to get up and run: Get some nice music/an audiobook, the right route and do it!
Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes

When your cold muscles hurt during the first kilometres: Just keep going – it will get better, I promise!
Nine Days – If I Am

When you realize you wrapped up too warm: Just try not to think about it!
Icona Pop – I Love It – feat. Charli XCX

When your feet are getting wet and cold: Imagine the hot summer sun would be drying your shoes!
Stereophonics – Dakota

When you have to blow your nose but you don’t have a tissue: Use your gloves or sleeves. They have to be laundered afterwards anyway ;)
Bloc Party – Truth

When your eyebrows/lashes/beard are deep-freezing: Free them with the part of your gloves/sleeves you didn’t use for your nose!
Ella Fitzgerald – Sunny

When you really really don’t want to go one more step: If it doesn’t hurt there’s no reason to stop!
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)

When your visibility is getting poor because of the fog/rain/snow: Pull your cap down and squeeze your eyes :)
blink-182 – Adam’s Song

When you need to run one more km but you’re tired: Come on, you can do it! Just one more!
Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

When you’ve finished your workout and take the last door steps: You did it – YOU DID IT! Now you can be proud of you and get a hot bath (after some stretching of course)!
Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Theme From “Rocky”) – 2006 – Remaster

And always remember: Brighter days will come!



3 thoughts on “The winter run – a musical approach in 10 steps

  1. He, tolle, witzige Playlist ;-) Hörst du eigentlich immer Musik beim Laufen??? Ich habs früher versucht, aber meine Kopfhörer sind immer rausgefallen und mittlerweile laufe ich auch lieber ohne. Ich höre am liebsten die Umgebungsgeräusche – auch zur Sicherheit wenn ich so ganz allein laufe…. LG

    • Erstmal danke :)
      Ich höre eigentlich immer etwas zum Laufen (musik oder Hörbücher), gerade im Winter, wo es nicht viel zu hören gibt (nur das eigene Schnaufen und den Matsch unter den Füßen)! Das mit der Sicherheit ist natürlich ein wichtiger Aspekt- drehe die Musik auch nie allzu laut auf, vor allem wenn ich Abends laufe! sicher ist sicher :) LG

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