Colour attack! – Iceland, Day 2

Saying goodbye to the gravel road (for now!) we left the highland and drove on Route 1 to Akureyri. Akureyri is said to be the northern capital of Iceland – what a funny thought if you keep in mind that only 18.000 people live there! They were having their 150 year celebrations when we arrived so the city was nicely decorated.

If you drive east on Route 1 you will come to Goðafoss. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen (the awesome weather conditions were significantly involved!).

Keep on driving and you won’t miss Myvatn. The lake really lived up to its name because there were so many mosquitos but fortunately they didn’t sting. We camped on a campground right next to the lake which was just great (it was so great, I forgot to take a picture!).
The evening we spent at the Myvatn Nature Bath (the northern equivalent to the Blue Lagoon) which was the perfect finish of the day! But well wait – the icing on the cake was the discovery of hot springs in caves near Myvatn later that night! If we hadn’t bathed three hours before we would have jumped into that 42°C water right away. If you come to Iceland, you simply have to go there!

More impressions from day 2 in the gallery!

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11 thoughts on “Colour attack! – Iceland, Day 2

  1. Schön, dass das Wetter dann bei euch besser wurde. In diese Hotsprings in der Höhle habe ich mich echt nicht reingetraut. Das sah mir alles zu instabil aus. Waaaaaaas, ihr habt 3 h im Myvatn Nature Bath ausgehalten. Wir waren schon nach 1 h platt und der Kreislauf im Keller. :) Bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht.
    Lieben Gruße allesistgut

  2. ja, oh gott es war so gut! immer mal wieder raus in die kälte und dann wieder ins warme wasser, wir brauchen so was hier in Deutschland!
    wenn ich heute Abend heimkomme muss ich erst mal die Bilder oben reparieren. Habe mir extra Mühe mit der Karte gegeben und dann wird sie nicht angezeigt- schade!
    Liebe Grüße zurück!

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