Stanley Park Vancouver

During my Western Canada roadtrip last year I spent 3 days in Vancouver. And of course I had to run the Stanley Park trail!

Whether you go biking, skating, running or walking – Stanley Park is a great place for all sorts of outdoor activities.

I started my run at Lost Lagoon where I met a friendly racoon family. Take a closer look on the north side of the lake and you can even find turtles! After I followed the route at the cliffs for a while I went into the park and got to the beautiful Beaver Lake. If you want to run 10km, just keep on running the path along the sea side but I can recommend a side trip into the park!

Though the outer route is quite crowded I really love this part because of its beaches and rough cliffs. The trail through the heart of the park offers you a great nature experience with heaps of squirrel encounters.

The music mixes of a good friend of mine completed the soundtrack of this running route:

Teen Turtles Mixes (click)

And here you can find a very detailed map of Stanley Park! (click)

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