Karlsruher Grat Schwarzwald

Do you search for waterfalls, great views and an alpine feeling in the south-western part of Germany? You find it in the black Forest!

At the weekend I had the chance to do an excellent hiking trip at Karlsruher Grat in Black Forest. It is no classic running route, but I could recommend it for advanced trail running. Advanced because it has long uphill parts and a nearly alpine path over volcano rocks. You don’t expect waterfalls and spectacular views in the Black Forest, but here you can find it all. Just go for a hike and experience nature at it’s best. Half way through you can buy refreshments and local schnapps at a self-service booth.

No music needed at this point – just listen to the friendly dialect of the swabian hikers!

3 thoughts on “Karlsruher Grat Schwarzwald

  1. Hi,
    it´s a great route, I´ve been there last week, amazing, quite like the alps. Thanks for the picture, I´m dreaming being there again ;-)


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